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Build a world of creation, created to allow you, to be yourself. In the best version of yourself.

We capture your most special experiences and moments into one unique creation that will be yours forever. This, through special hand made cases/ digital drawing / illustration with your favorite picture of yourself alone, or with your loved ones. Each digital painting, created especially for you, and according to your emphases and desires, which is exactly what makes it special and timeless.

In recent months, we have expanded R&W, and created a unique jewelry collection, called "R&W&Jewelry", and phone cases collections which is based on and inspired of the “power of color”.
The collection was created to ensure that you express who you are in the best way and that you will always feel the most unique and beautiful person in the room, just as you really are.


classicu 2021-05-17 151138_edited.jpg
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HI there! My name is Lihi Rosenwasser, i'm 21 years old, from israel. 

Ever since I was a little girl, the "Art world" in general, and the "Digital world" in particular have been an integral part of who I am.
I created R&W in 2018 as a home for my creations, and as a place to capture your special moments, in the most personal, exciting and unique way. 


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